When it comes to the “best cardio workout” or the “best cardio routine”, there tends to be a lot of confusion. And although cardio is by no means necessary for fat …



  1. I'm new to this channel and I quite like it.
    I've actually incorporated a lot of the things i learned from watching your videos. I like the scientific side and comparing which excercise is best for a particular goal. Keep it up Jeremy!

  2. Everyone should do cardio. It's called fucking cardio for a reason. It's good for your heart and health. Don't worry, it won't burn muscle only fat. So shut the fuck up and get it done.

  3. This guy is a joke. Uses the same stock video of him on a treadmill/bike/stepper each time and puts up some Googled papers on the screen you can’t read. Then uses his monotone voice to take 10 mins to say do HIIT not cardio and burn more calories than you eat. No shit Sherlock!

  4. I'd love to do cardio and I have, but it's super hard to make a good diet plan. I do this "bro" gym program (5 times a week) and putting cardio training in there somewhere seems To be quite hard. Any tips? I've been using this Suunto watch To measure stuff like heart rate and how much I use calories per day. (3000 cal per day) I allso work in the construction sites which makes this even harder to make good diet plan where I can have enough calories but not too much.

  5. NOTHER grab for the MONEY
    You can do exesasess on any bike ,travail or simple WALK AND GO TO REGULAR FITNESS CLASSES OR DO EXESASESS AT HOME

  6. Would it be ok to do cardio in the mornings, either HIIT or LISS and weights in the evening? I am deployed so I am trying to get stronger and my VO2 better. I am 48, and200 lbs. Thanks! 🙂

  7. I like 100m sprints, full out, 8-10 sprints per workout. I think you'll be amazed if you do this. And recovery takes time, so I can't do this more than 2X per week, and occasionally feel better only once per week (OK, I'm over 60). But start gradually (fewer sprints, slower takeoffs are REALLY important) to avoid painful muscle strains that sideline you for weeks when beginning (yes, experience). But once you're conditioned to a degree, it's just fast, fun, and you're done. With recovery between sprints, a workout might take ~ 1/2 hour, which anyone can make time for.


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