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  1. "protein shakes" !! I eat once a day and it's a simple meal like eggs or cheese with bread -cutting back on bread now. Very little meat/fish every month. So, if I cut protein shakes out my body will probably collapse. I'm even surprised how I go on and how I do very demanding physical work for 7 hrs a day and ride my bike for more than 2 hrs at moderate to fast pace. Yes I know protein shakes can have a couple 100 calories in each serving (one scoop) but for some, especially those with poor (low calorie) diet a protein shake is a must to supplement the body with protein.

    I wouldn't lump protein shakes with poison drinks like juice and soda even though I know some of their ingredients are bad for us but that's a different topic since we're talking about calories here.

  2. No drinking calories is the single best rule. I allow myself beer and protein shakes, and nothing else on that front (except in december- I have a weakness for seasonal beverages then). That one nutrition tip can be measured in pounds at the end of the year for anyone drinking a blended coffee beverage or a coke multiple times per week. I'm not a fan of diets centered on total exclusion, but I would challenge anyone struggling with weight and saying nothing works to simply cut liquid calories out entirely and remain on the same growth trajectory they were on. You have cravings for a few weeks, but after the adjustment and realizing what all that added sugar was doing, you begin to look for other places to trim a little more sugar out of your diet. I've never done an extreme cut of sugar, but I am convinced that if you were only capable of having one dietary rule, the best to choose would be to drink no calories.

  3. I am so glad I have found you. I been working out for two years but results could have been heaps better if I followed the things you advise here. I have wasted so much money investing in instagram gurus 8 week shred or 12 week program which take you to extreme sides of the pendulum…either extreme bulks ir extreme cuts n ending up that squishy or skinny fat guys in this video. Recently I started listening to my body, taking control of things in a way which is more sustainable rather than I want results now approach. Your content and your advice reassures me that simple always work the best. Thank you thank you and thank you🙏

  4. Matt, I have something of a major gag reflex with eating different fruits. I solved this by putting the whole fruits together in a blender with some water to help liquefy. I don't drink it all at once so I am not consuming too much calories but I am wondering after watching this if you would recommend not doing that.

  5. He showed them that the limits of the reality were infinitely wider than the restrict imagination of the humanity was capable of conceiving, and that only a few could see beyond this limits – only a few dared to questionate even your existence.
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    I believe that this part of the book represents your thinking coach. Thanks for all the great work you do and to open our minds to the real science we need to learn.

  6. I was feeling really hungry cutting while working out other days + trying to progress exercise weight. I've decided to workout less, have lesser volume and not progress weight, just speed and form.

  7. I cut out most "crap" food apart from monster energy drink's but i choose the sugarfree version, i'm aware they are loaded with sweetner's, and only have them once a week. Also, i'm lean & fit all year round because of my genetic's and my exercise regimen but i understand people watching this video need advice on how to lose weight. Personally, it's fine to have some junk food so long as one is in-tune with their body & level of progress in term's of their physical goal's and of course; how to reach those set goal's.

  8. Cannot agree with the last one. Dieting is much more important than burning calories by working out. You can burn a minimal amount of calories compared to the number of calories "taken away" simply by not consuming them.

  9. Hello, i have an important question, how much time do i have to spend to reach my potential? let's say that i have a busy 60-70 hour workweek (including transportation and getting ready for the job that's pretty much a normal workweek for many people), 56 hours sleeping, good nutrition on check, but only, let's say 4 hours a week to train, can we reach our potential with that time?


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