Workout Programs And Diet Plans: So how do you go about losing fat without losing your muscle mass? You likely want to keep …



  1. Cacti and quick question: the way you’ve got the your eating schedule is focused on an evening workout. What about a morning workout? Any difference is how the calories are spread out to be ready first thing in the morning? Thanks! Really enjoying the program

  2. Hey you should do a Video of dos and don’ts in your nutrition, like for example eating a late dinner of around 10 bc of work etc. Things that affect you and clear up confusion!

  3. Hi there, just started using one of your videos and really love how short but effective the workout is, was hoping you could do a video dedicated to the back as I could really use a workout that strengthens my back. Love what you're doing! Definitely will be using your videos in the future. 😊💕

  4. Hi man, I'm 6"5' and 18 years old and weigh about 168lb, my diet varies, and I'm sick of having this layer of fat on my stomach. I do general weight training, about 25lb dumbbells on each arm, with different types of arm exercises. As well as plank, sit-ups etc. Got any tips? Thank you, great video

  5. BarbarianBody I am 14 yo 160 pounds-ish 5'7 12 I eat enough and I do 50 push-ups and sit-ups, crunches and squats a day. I do have scoliosis (curvature of the spine ) it does mess up my form a little bit on my push-ups and makes it harder to do more reps. I do have a little bit of muscle on my arms but none really on my stomach or legs (in fact I actually feel kinda fat) and am not seeing any gains so far what should I do

  6. What're some good apps for doing short circuits that can help time and alert when time is done? Using the traditional stop watch is hard as you have to manual do it then be always aware of the time


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