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  4. Hey I know this video may be old but I need some advice what to do I'm stuck im 5 foot 10 and 170 pounds I have a 32 inch waiste but my lower belly isn't that big I just want to get a flat stomach and I have some decent size arms I can bench 160 almost my body weight I just need help loosing my stubborn belly fat ang advice

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  7. This video was pretty informative. I see you talk about protein intake amount and even recommend the percentage of fat that should make up your diet. What about carbs? I'm lost when it comes to them

  8. I have tried a number of fat loss plans already but not one of them provided me the outcomes like I acquired using this “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) system. Even I am not feeding on much as I was in the past, I still don’t really feel jittery or even feel a crash Since applying the solutions specified in this plan, I lost 15 lbs currently. .

  9. You should mention how much it helps to have a guide to follow for workouts and diet. It's so easy to go off a diet plan or not head to the gym without a plan. Planning is very important for success. Yes, those are the basics, but an important basic for starters is a solid plan to follow. That's something I wish I knew at the beginning. Thank you for the information. 😉

  10. What does recomp mean? How do you do it ?? I am great at weight lifting and my workouts but the food is where i f*ck it all up!!!! Idk what it too much or not enough. Terrified of carbs !!! I need guidance sooo bad !!!

  11. Mor reps lead to fat loss, same like check the neck skin, hands skin , eyebrowsskin and upper part of foot thay have lot of movement of muscle and that area dosent have fat. Check and understand.

  12. Im 5'8" at 171 lbs. Im trying to get to 145 through a calorie deficit and weight lifting. Ive been eating around 1,000 calories a day combined with lifting weight but I just weighed myself and gained 2 pounds. So has my metabolism slowed down or whats the deal? Im eating way less than before do I need to eat even less?

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