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  1. Don’t commit to a diet you can’t hold. Slow diets don’t show results immediately and people give up. Much better use bigger calorie cuts, lift heavy in compound lifts up to 6 reps, avoid stressful situations and most importantly sleep like a bear.

  2. Bro is it me or does this guy lie a hella a lot on one of his videos he said he doesn't eat four times a day and that he does intermittent fasting he only eats one time now he's saying he eats four times oh my God

  3. keto diet with intermittent fasting works really well for bulk cutting for me at least. ive gone down 41.8lbs in almost 5 months, and kept my muscle. ill be working on bulking more while cutting the last fat ive got now. 🙂

  4. How come you can find videos of doctors saying you don't lose any muscle mass when fasting. Bottom line is everybody has their own opinion. It's whatever works for the individual person everybody's different.

  5. This must be for non-obese. 3 days of cardio seems a little low when trying to lose 100+ lbs. I workout 5 days a week. Cardio 4 days and 3 days of weights. Yes, they over lap.

  6. BCAAs aren't going to help even on a cut if you're getting enough protein. Something like 50% protein / 30% fats / 20% carbs. Starting initially high with carbs then dropping maybe 200 carb calories every couple of weeks. This is the proper way to cut without taking a big hit on performance and making sure your body doesn't sacrifice any muscle in the process.

  7. Hey, I have a question
    If I'm at the point of losing weight and I want to consume 1600 calories a day (I usually get at least). If I assume I did a workout with 300 calories, do I need to eat 1900 calories or keep the remaining calories?


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