Cutting without losing muscle…is it even possible? Learn how to lose fat while maintaining muscle mass. Burn fat with losing muscle and possibly even gain …



  1. Beware lifting heavy while cutting calories can result in injury, so be carefull. I'm in recovery state and I lost 3 weeks of training time. I have to start again now it's a pain. I'd say reduce weights by 80% just to be safe and do intermittent fasting with longer recovery time. Maintaing muscle with protein, BCAAs and vitamin D and glutamine.

  2. Hey man I was beginning to take gym serious in december and began to make a very hard as fuck diet and was really training hard. I was 89 kg and now I am 67 kg. I am 175cm. The thing that is annoying is that I got much bigger Muscles in biceps, shoulders, triceps….in the 4 month process, where I lost weight 22kg. Can someone maybe explain why please

  3. Im 220 went from 167…. now I want to cut back to 200. how many calories would be beneficial for me to do this cut? Also want to do a fast cut over the next 3 months — I was going to do high carbs morning before the GYM and then Carbs after. Then for the rest of the day high proteins and vegetables. I was thinking keeping my calories around 1900 – 2100. Or should I do 1700 – 2000? When doing the bulk I was eating 2600 – 3000… I just hate how I feel now and need to lose some weight to get cut up. I gained 40 pounds of mass since I started training 3 years ago and would like to hit 12 – 8% body fat.


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