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  1. PEEOPLE!!!!!!!! If you easily over-restrict and have disordered eating tendencies, be careful about using lifesum, it does not encourage EDs, but it can enable them, stay safe<3

  2. but what if you DONT want to live a long life…..screw being 90 and pooping my pants, i wanna die between 60-70….if sooner than that, better. so cookie diet is good to achieve this, yes? here for a good time, not a long time.

  3. I agree with everything Dr Mike has stated except for one point. And that is that you will lose weight when eating a cookie diet of 1500 calories. Eating about 19.2 homemade choc chip cookies a day everyday will more likely make you stay the same weight or gain weight. After all when depriving your body of proper food and nutrition your body will go into ‘starvation mode’ and hold onto whatever energy you put into it. The high sugar content in the cookies will also most likely make you feel sick and lethargic. And when you are tired due to poor nutrition you will most likely stay sedentary and doing daily tasks will be very difficult. Also a high sugar diet can cause an imbalance in hormones and cause you to gain weight and have all sorts of toilet issues, skin issues, mood swings and eventually cause you to crash and binge. Wouldn’t this be a more realistic outcome of eating 1500 calories of a cookie diet rather than the outcome of losing weight, Dr Mike??

  4. I`ve already been utilizing this specific “Kαbοnοz Ydα” (Search on Google) for approximately Five weeks, and have lost around ten pounds, and 3 inches from my very own waistline. This truly makes me a lot more enthusiastic everyday immediately after I did burned some of my extra body weight. .

  5. I have lots of food allergies and sensitivities. Some people say it's all in my head. But i got my allergies to food tested and if i avoid the foods completely i am good. But its so hard with my allergies big one are garlic, eggs, fish and so much more. I dont go to restaurants any more because of my allergies. If i do i just sit watching people eat. Any tips how to deal?
    It all giving me anxiety to live because i am afraid i am going to get sick. Really scary when i goto pot luck. I usually just take my own food. People look at me funny.

  6. You cant really count calories accurately. All the calories on foods are estimated and on every meal you will probably be at least 50 calories off. The calculators are basically like playing bingo. Just eat healthy and not too much and thats pretty much it.

  7. I hate to do this but
    1 LIKE = 1 day of Workingout
    I need motivation and

    i will make a video for acceptability purposes that will be private ONLY IF i workout the equal amount of likes.

    Max will be 1k if ever in life i get there.


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