Mark Coles talks you through the process of losing body fat whilst being able to retain all your hard earned muscle tissue. As you’ll learn, it’s not just as case of …



  1. I start doing gym 4 months ago in June…in that period I lost 10 Kg start from 105 Kg and now 95 Kg, but since early September until now my weight hasn't been down yet, but I lost 2 size of my pants from 40 to 38, I start to see muscle in my delts, arms chest and back, but still have that flabby fat in the belly…what really happen to me? am I loosing fat and builds up muscle also??

  2. Being certified in Health and Nutrition, I get very leery listening to people talk calories because real food, such as living, enzymatic, nutrient-dense plant-based foods don't require calorie counting. Plants also contain the full spectrum of amino acids required for maintaining muscle mass. Keep in mind that fitness does not equate to health unless proper nutrition is incorporated. Eat real food in proper combinations and stop worrying about counting calories.

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