A group of obese teenagers tackle their weight issues at a summer camp. Stephen has a history of challenging behaviour and it isn’t long before his attitude gets …



  1. That boy wants to go to the army but is childish as hell by running away and giving up then poking a younger kid then getting mad cause he’s. Snitch, gonna need to grow up if u wanna join the army mate

  2. (I am sorry for any wrong spelling)
    Words matter. When you "loose" your keys,your shoes,your handbag, you "need" to find them again, so
    You don't "need"to loose weight
    You want to get rid of it because, well extra weight makes you feel bad
    So, if you don't mind me ssying tell them to "get rid of it"
    It helped me very, when I was in their shoes,
    Thank you,


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