1. So I’m in the midst of a cut right now. In the video you said to avoid all drinks but water. What about pre-workout drinks? I’ve recently heard about a new drink called “bang” and it’s supposed to be a healthier energy drink/pre workout. Do you recommend consuming drinks like this, or what are ways I can get energy naturally?

  2. hey hodgtwins my name is sal. I have schizophrenia for the past 6 years now and the meds have made me gain almost 100 pounds. I used to be chubby fat with an athletic figure. My best weight was when I was 165 pounds. I am 5 foot 7 and big boned. There for 165 pounds was really skinny for me. I then got ill and was diagnosed. The meds made me lethargic hungry and tired. I am now 240 pounds. I feel like shit im always sleeping and I really dont have the stamina for working out like before I got ill I would jog 1 hour a day and I would do a lot of boxing and dumb bell curls. I have lost interest and motivation to workout and energy as well. What do you guys suggest for me to do to get back into the groove and lifestyle of fitness. It used to come natural to me before and I had a desire to do it but now its all blahhh.

  3. I have cut down on my calories and increase my protein and exercise for one hour for five days, is there anything i can do to continue to loose weight, I have another 15 pounds i want to loose while maintain my curves?


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