1. You are truly gifted! You make the things look and feel so easy yet at the end of each workout you notice the work in your body and the lift in the mood too. I had given up on gyms, I'm 55, with hypothyroidism and menopause, all the hormones were against me, but thank God for you. I can happily follow your videos!! Thank you and God BLESS YOU!

  2. Forgive me, I don't know how each exercise is called, but I really need name them to remember:

    1. Reach the foot 4 times then kick step sideways 4 time (1 minute)

    2. Alternate 15 second Forward Punches and 15 second Upward Punches, while jogging in place

    3. "All hail the coconut" then kick it with your knee (30 seconds each leg)

    4. Patty Cake with back side steps

    5. Squat Push Pull (30 seconds each arm)

    6. Side Step Jump

    7. Backward Lunge Upper Torso Twist ("Will you marry me*kneels*- OOPS just kidding*twists away the ring*)

  3. I have been exercising two times a day, 40 mins in the morning and 30 mins before bed. First tried with intermittent fasting, when it didn't work, i am following a healthy diet under 1300 cal per day but still there's no sign of weight loss. I haven't lost a single inch from my belly infact. Can anyone suggest me what am i doing wrong.

  4. This looks fantastic! So easy and makes me energetic! Feels like working out more and more ! I'm just Ur follower! I do this in the morning and the first video 7min video in the evening..can't wait to tell you the results! Lots of love from India!

  5. Hey, can u suggest me diet schedule also? I hav been doing "7 mint workout for 7 days series 1" for more than 3 weeks continuously ,still no change😢 so i hav started this one!

  6. i have been doing series 1 of 7 DAY CHALLENGE – 7 MINUTE WORKOUT TO LOSE BELLY FAT. week 1 is accomplished, results are good. Now i am thinking of doing this series 2. Lucy, will it be good?

  7. Ok guys, DAY 1! I will post each 2 days my progress, since its frustrating to scroll down and see no one actually updates the results 🤷‍♀️
    I also stopped eating bread and cut down sweets. I will eat a lot of vegetables and fruit and dring water. That's all!
    Wish me luck, I am only 37 and have 94kg! When I was 9 months pregnant I had 88kg :(. My ideal weight was around 70kg, but after giving birth it never came back 🙄😂
    I am 172 cm tall.
    Wish me a good luck! ❤️

    Day 1: 94 kg
    My arms: 35 cm
    Stomach around belly: 110 cm
    Thighs: 75 cm

    Day 2: 93,9 kg
    Arms: 35cm
    Stomach around belly: 107cm
    Thighs: 72cm
    Definitely visible in stomach area, after only 2 days! I also do 16 minute walk exercise from this channel! I will continue and update in 2 days. I am feeling great and so alive!

  8. Do we have to do healthy eating for noticeable results? I eat eggs every other day and regular meals like spaghetti for dinner and normally skip lunch because I don’t a a big appetite. I do have a big sweet tooth though… I’m eleven and want to lose weight and this is the easiest guide for me. Back to the main question, even if I eat a normal person’s meals, will this effect the results?

  9. how many calories does this video help you burn if you do intermediate? thank you and also is this even possible? this feels so easy to me, how is it possible to lose 1-2 inches of my stomach in just 1 week?
    thank you

  10. OMGoodness!!! Lucy you are GODsent. I'm a 42 year old woman with 2 children and have fought diabetes for 15 or so years (I'm healed now, have been off meds for just under a year), I've had a jelly belly and stubborn fat on the sides of my belly and had tried so many things but couldn't stick to any exercise regime as nothing seemed to work. I started your workout 2 weeks ago (both 7 minute belly off series's, the 3 and 4 minute arm workouts, the standing thigh workout, the posture workout, the bust workout and another arm workout) in the mornings and in the evenings! It was haaaarrrddd in the beginning but your workouts are fun but most importantly you see results. I'm sooooo happy with the changes I've seen in the time I've been working out with you that I know i will be doing these for life. Thank you soooo much for making these available for us. Lots of love sent from Johannesburg, South Africa

  11. Heyy can u please help me that why m reducing side fat fast from one side not other one ….my ride side of fat is still but my left side of belly fat almost gone so what should I do…please help me Lucy please

  12. Thought I might utilise my time so…
    Day 1: ☑️
    Day 2: ☑️
    Day 3: ☑️
    Day 4: ☑️
    Day 5: ☑️ ( its been really effective so far)
    Day 6: ☑️
    Day 7: ☑️
    Results : lost 2 -3 inches. Probably gonna do it for another week?

  13. I wanted to try Lucy’s workouts because my regular weight loss plan stopped working. I did four of Lucy’s 7 minutes workouts a day with at least 45 minutes of cardio and lost 3 pounds in 7 days!

  14. ur workouts are rly easy for me to do! i have done it 7days in a row. today is my 7th day. rly enjoyed doing it. i do both series 1&2 in a day each. rly see the results! i lost 1kg alrd!! gna keep going! thank you! godbless<3

  15. You are a true star. An angel in disguise when it comes to such effective exercises done in a matter of minutes. . I love to try out different types of workout but I find your 7 minute workout to be the most effective.I am a big fan. Thank you so much. 💖. 😘

  16. Just found you 💃🙏and I am on day 3…really makes you sweat and feel more accomplished in longer workouts. In the mornings I am doing your indoor walking workouts with my daughter. I can see a difference in Only 3 days so on I go…👙👯Thank you !


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