Intermittent fasting has become an immensely popular dieting strategy. Although it may seem like another diet fad, there are several reasons why skipping meals …



  1. i’m a week into a 16:8 IF, working out 5 days a week but not limiting my diet. (living at home and eating what is made for the household limits my food options and also being at school for 75% of my days also limits my options.) I hope to come back to this comment a few pounds lighter.

  2. So During the time I can eat is it only one meal? Or can I add in one snack during that time period? and because this would mean I'm taking in an extremely less amount of calories than a normal day, do portions and food matter?

    Just figuring out the things okay and not okay to do… and trying to learn about this first. Thanks!

  3. Fasting seems really great but I just have some questions about it to pull the pieces together. There are countries like North Korea and in Africa where people are already starving. You can tell by the way they look that they are malnourished. They tend to be shorter in height and have a shorter life expectancy compared to countries with a three meal per day diet.

    How can you tell if you're fasting than actually starving?
    How can you fast but still receive enough nutrients?
    How do you fast if you don't want to lose weight but actually gain weight?


  4. Hi, I tried intermitten fasting for the 1st time td after a recommendation from a friend. As it's my first time I kept it relatively small to a 14:10 window…my 14 hrs of fasting isn't over yet (9hrs 30 min done)
    I checked my weight earlier this morning when I woke up(at around 3:45am) and again checked it a few minutes back(4:15pm) and noticed tht I'd lost 2 pounds…I was wondering if it's normal to lose weight tht fast
    I've consumed about 342 calories and hv drank plenty of water td. I also haven't done any exercise td.

  5. Can you do 16:8 but different times ? Some nights I have to eat dinner later therefore I normally start my fast later. I still do the 16 hours I just don’t eat until later the next day. Can I do that ?

  6. I am about to start keto tomorrow. I did it a year ago and only lost 15lbs in 4 months. I was tired all the time, constipated and my hair and nails were brittle. I keep hearing that I did it wrong. I did buy the shakes and I’m hoping to replace two meals in a day to simplify my macro ratios. Has anyone else used shakes?


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