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  1. Clenbuterol: does he know what he is talking about?
    Clen causes crampes because it reduces potassium levels.
    It has nothing to do with strength increases seen during clen use, that are supposed to be Ca+ dependent.

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  4. You can't spot reduce but the arms are the first to lean out and the lower abs are the last to go.. seems like fats shrinks in spots – spot by spot by spot.. and comes back with Fierce Revenge if you EVER.. decide to eat a burger and ice-cream on a Saturday.
    This is my experience.. Especially if you've gotten fat – into the 16-17 + % range.. then trying to get back to single digits.

  5. Dave im not sure if it was you that guess posed at my first body building show it was 1997 at Bergan Vo Tech bergan county NJ all i remember youre skin was like alligator skin so thick and you were like 300lbs i never stood next a human being that big i broke my ass to get inshape for that show when i saw you i wanted to leave lol .

  6. Hahaha my first clean run i got sucha bad hamstring cramp after i did a stretch i had to crawl to my office everyone looked at me like i was a psycho…

    I cudnt sleep for the 2 weeks…but i was like 8% bf having like 1-2 cheat DAYS A week….

    USE PINK SALT!! helps with the cramping

  7. Graston IMO kicks A.R.T.'s ass for adhesions. ART is still great for diagnosis and getting treatment started and sometimes releases, but I had such bad adhesions in my tibialis anterior, feet, glutes, IT bands, pretty much everything that my Chiro cut me a deal I was the test subject on how to deal train wreck patients. He had to tell interns and others being trained that most did not have anywhere near the pain threshold I had and they could not do the deep and hard passes on beginners or unless the patient/athlete wanted it & could tolerate it.

  8. That's interesting about the lower belly fat I work shift work, 12 hour nights so sleep is massively disturbed. And I was doing my weights session and high intensity cardio 10-15 minute sessions.
    I was counting my calories religiously and maintaining a deficit of between 2000-2500. It never changed my lower belly fat.
    Eventually I think my body started to eat away other parts of my body rather than eat the belly fat. Strange! Could it be something else?
    Shift work is part and parcel of my chosen occupation.

  9. Graston technique breaks up FAR more scar tissue than ART. Once I turned on a few bodybuilders to Graston they started doing it after leg workouts & very tough or volume work and didn't gimp around for 2-3 days afterward. One friend who competes always has problems with getting 'detail' in his quads & hams and he won an overall qualifier which he attributes to faster recovery and busting up adhesions.
    I had it done a lot when I lived in Tampa. My anterior tibialis and feet (flat) had so many adhesions I could hear them crunch and my Chiropractor was showing an intern how to do it but said (about me); "Never do it this hard to a normal patient. They'll never come back."
    A co-worker avoided carpal tunnel surgery after having this done & it took 4-5 sessions and a tune-up whenever she got symptomatic. Every bodybuilder I know could avoid most shoulder & pec injuries by getting this done.


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