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  1. I'm a 56 year old former multi-sport athlete with deteriorated health and body and I'm going to try this out. Everything in your videos, starting right now with a large glass of water.

  2. I'm 49 years old going on 50 I'm doing a boxing workout two to four times a week one hour session per workout is that too much? Should I include strength training also in the boxing workout, or should I do it on separate days? Thanks for your time you're an inspiration for everyone no matter what age thanks again bro 🙂

  3. Drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning is no bueno. It dilutes your stomach acid and causes dogestive issues. Break your morning fast first and then drink your water 30 minutes after that. Also, soy does not increase estrogen. It causes bloating and is on the red list for the FODMAP diet but it doesn't raise estrogen man

  4. This man is spot on. Talks sense. Been doing this for a few months now and I've noticed a massive difference . I did everything the Funk master said and wow it works 😎😎

  5. Hi Funk, you're absolutely right about not insisting on 100% all in one go. It's about gradual sustainable incremental improvements to everything. I used to drink 30 pints of beer a week. I didn't stop over night, but now it's only 1 beer a week and I don't really need that! I'm trying this gradual approach with my sister who was miserable about the prospect of what she must do to loose her middle age fat. Now she's inspired and, for the first time, hopeful!
    Keep at it, Simon

  6. New to the channel but a couple of questions, I'm over 40 what do u think of whole wheat bread and what about fried fish once or twice a week?

  7. This is just awesome. You're an angel in disguise Funk! Mature and informative clips. Cant stop watching ur videos bro(will be turning 39 on Dec 27th). Keep up the excellent work ur doing😎💪👏👏

  8. Funk would you turn your weight session into a circuit? Say you have 7 exercises do 1 set of each then have a 2 minute break and repeat for 3-4 rounds. I'm getting the workouts in but still can't shift the belly fat

  9. Your killing me with the alcohol Funk. But your right. I just turned 42. And I definitely am struggling with my overall fat loss. I'm going to give a valiant effort to cut back significantly.

    Great video bro!

  10. Thank you for this video. You really have broken the weight loss journey down into the mindset one would need going forward. I have paid for a PT previously and never has any PT I have had put this much effort into educating others on losing weight. This is inspiring and motivating. THANK YOU!

  11. Thanks for your videos Funk👌 do you have a nutrition meal plan and home workout plan that I can follow just hit 40 and Im 205 I was 175 3 years ago and havent worked out for a couple of years now so wanna slowly get back into shape please let me know where to start or if you have a plan I could use to start thanks alot brother god bless from Hawaii🤙🙏💪

  12. Brother Funk, I stumbled across your videos an hour ago and think your information is incredible. I'm 49, 5'8, 225 lbs and 35% body fat. Not good by any metric. I used to be in fantastic shape – my blood pressure was 110/60. I subscribed to your channel and will start working your ideas in the morning. I want my bedroom physique back.:)

    Thanks for all that you do.:)


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