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  1. ok i'm gonna journal via public comment so i feel motivated to do this
    day 1: done! bruh i've been looking for a focused workout for a really long time and this was the first one where i really felt it. i'm hoping to get my legs lower on a lot of the exercises but so far i think i'm doing pretty well – no stopping today 🙂

  2. I love this workout so much! I am doing your 2 weeks workout program + this workout everyday (i'm on day 11 now) and I already feel change.
    I can feel my abs in my belly area and I feel so much fitter and motivated!
    Thank you Emi <3

  3. Alrighty so I don’t really know why but I’ve decided to make a progress list thing. I’ve never done one of these. But I think I can probably stay committed for a little while. I decided to do this daily until I move on to a different workout. And I might switch between this one and Alexis Ren’s. So without further ado. Let’s get this bread. (Also I eat whatever I want to that might slow my progress lol. But I do another 20 min workout as well with this (for my thunder thighs)).
    Day 1: (4-8-2020) I was able to do the workout all the way through without dropping, since I’ve been working out for a little while already. But I did lose my balance at one part and fell on my back. It hurt like the dickens tho. I hummed a little tune to myself. And kept going. I actually thought this workout was super fun though. I look forward to the other days. But no progress so far I mean. I just started.
    Day2: Still hurt a lot, but may have been slightly easier than yesterday?? There wasn’t a super obvious change, but my abs feel a lot tighter already.
    Day 3: A bit easier. But still pretty hard, which is good! My stomach is tighter, there’s a visible difference, but still kinda small. I can’t say exactly what it is, but I think it’s the midline.
    Day 4: I’ve had less bloating and I’m pretty sure it’s a bit more defined as well.
    Day 5: It was easier but besides that I haven’t noticed anything super different. Although I do my workouts at night and today was Easter. So we had a big Easter dinner, I ate so much… So I feel like not much of a difference is still pretty good all things considered.
    Day 6:

  4. I haven't been doing this everyday, but 2 weeks ago I couldn't get past the 4th excersie (bad I know) this week I've been able to get through them all! 😂❤️

  5. I’m actually going to comment results each day because I have seen loads of comments that haven’t. I am also going the leg workout as well from this channel.
    Start: 65cm round waist

    Day One: Obviously no results but felt great after going it because I could feel it afterwards and I felt motivated to keep doing the workout until I see progress


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