Burn that lower belly fat with this model ab workout routine. Instagram: @sanne_vander Finstagram: @sanne_finsta Vanderfit: @vander_fit SUBSCRIBE for …



  1. I was JUST watching your video about how you started working out like a vs angel and then I got this video on my notification list. Seriously wow!!! You motivate me sooo much with your positive vibes to be fit and workouts are AMAZING!!! Don't listen to haters cause you are awseome

  2. You’re really the only person who motivates me to really exercise more! Your videos are really clear and helpful! Thank you so much for your effort to make these videos 😊

  3. guys i am gonna be doing this workout everyday for 30 days i hope
    day1*this was actuallly easy and i loved the burn feeling and i think this workout is one of the easiest and most effective workouts that i do everyday
    day2* i didnt wake up sore which is good and it was easy except for the side plank dips maybe cause i didnt have shoes on lol tomorrow i will wear them


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