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  1. I love how you narrate workouts with bits of encouragement , they really help!! And you explain the workout move before actually getting into the timer! It’s so handy and I don’t feel like I wasted time practicing the move!! Lots of love!

  2. 1st day: i did it at night before i went to bed and DIEDDDDDD but it felt good

    2nd day: my belly was hurting when i woke up, i had a yogurt bowl with fruit and it filled me up, did the exercise jus now and i feel great😂 i’ll update to see if i do it again later tonight, also i didn’t see results yet but my stomach is kinda getting flatter but anyways yeah brb

  3. UPDATE! I have been doing her bed workouts faithfully for almost two weeks, I have some 11 lines forming, and I lost an inch around my belly button. I also took two days off to rest throughout the process. Will continue for sure!

  4. It's really working! I just have one question, it is hard for me to use only my lower abs. My back hurts while doing these exercises too, and I can't use just my muscles on my belly. Do you have any tips for that?


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