7 months pregnant at the moment! 32 weeks pregnant Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/magdacivil/?hl=en ONLINE TAILORED MEAL AND EXERCISE …



  1. I just Love this lady I’m in the process of moving but as soon as I’m done & in my new place I’m back wit my Nubian Sista Mrs. Magda! Shez da Best! 😍.. P.S awww look at her stomach👶🏾.. so cute!

  2. That creepy old man back there watching y’all, yeah exactly why I don’t go to the gym. But I love the videos with angle, love outside workouts and she’s doing an amazing job

  3. I looooove avocados but I do not love onions. I will cook with onions for the flavor but I cut them big so I can pick them out. This is why I don't eat guacamole especially at a restaurant. However, I don't mind onion flakes. I love the crunch. I hope the guy that kept inching closer when the ladies were working out signed up for lessons afterwards lol. I am so happy I found your YouTube channel. I am learning so much especially how to position the right way when working out. Keep up the great work. You are amazing.


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