Hey all! And welcome to another episode! Fat on the sides of your stomach or “love handles” can be pretty difficult to get rid off. Here is a circuit training exercise …



  1. Hi mam nenu roju diet and excercise follow chesthunanu kani nah side fat okate reduce kavatledhu hereafter I follow these excercises also thank you so much nenu chala videos nerchukunanu me thagira nundi keep going man all the best…

  2. hi ash..I really have a big doubt with workouts becoz oko body part ki different workouts untai kada mi workout videos anni chusanu avanni roju cheyala lekapothe ae body part kosam cheyali anukuntamo daniki related ga cheste saripotunda! I'll be waiting for your reply

  3. Akka 16 hours fasting chepparuga,fasting time lo milk tea thagocha,and nanabettina karjuram,badam thinocha ledha ,anukokunda fasting timelo food theskunte yemaina problem avthada plz reply me astrixx akka


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