Hey Friends! Today I’m answering all of your exercise pregnancy questions! Can you workout while pregnant, what exercises to do or not to do, gym routine reps …



  1. So on your first point about sticking with your previous routine, I did not exercise before getting pregnant really. It was off and on, not consistent. Would it be safe for me to exercise? Now that I’m in my second trimester I have more energy but the few times I’ve tried working out (mostly do some upper body with weights, squats and elliptical) 10-15 minutes in I find myself too exhausted to continue. After one session I was so shaky and sore in my abdomen, from round ligament pain I’m sure. My abdomen muscles in particular feel very weak and easily become sore, even standing too quickly can cause me pain. I don’t know if I should just push through Or if 10-15 minutes is enough for me personally since I didn’t workout beforehand. I’m afraid of harming myself or my baby. The session where I became weak and shaky after I immediately noticed my baby boy was moving around a lot, he didn’t stop for about 30’minutes which was unusual. I actually worried I had done too much but it was literally only a 15 minute session which is pathetic. Im at a loss of what to do.

    Becoming pregnant was my motivation to be more healthy. I have actually lost 35 pounds while pregnant. I weigh less now at 20 weeks then I did when I first found out! I really would love to add exercise in. The doctors are not concerned with my weight loss either and consider it a good thing. My baby boy is healthy and weighs 13oz at week 20 which is normal 🙂

  2. Thank you!! I did not workout at all during my first trimester due to feeling exhausted and sick all the time. Now, in my second trimester, I am ready to get back into my happy place- the gym! Praying that staying strong will help with labor and also bouncing back afterward!

  3. Great video. I'm launching a FREE exercise and wellness programme called The Powerful Pregnancy. Our mission is to to empower women to be their strongest both physically and mentally during pregnancy. We're looking for women who are 12-16 weeks pregnant (Oct 2019) to trial our online classes and give us feedback. If you're interested, or would like more information contact Jane Wake via janewake.com/contact and subscribe to our YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/noodlemx?sub_confirmation=1

  4. I’m 5 months now , and I would listen to other people telling me to not workout but I wanna pick back up what I used to do before I got pregnant ( calisthenics and running on treadmill, and lifting weights ) is it smart for me to do this ? Or should I just do calisthenics and small weight lifting ?

  5. So, the rule of thumb is not to start anything new. What if you were not exercising before pregnancy but now you are feeling the need to start for overall better wellbeing, should that idea be scratched? I also don't just want to walk. I need more.

  6. I used to cycling 30mnt everyday before pregnant. In my first trimester i still hit my RPM and everyone be like “don’t do exercise” etc and i stop exercise and my body feel sick really like tired everytime i woke up, my feet hurt even tho i sleep all the time. And i try to hit my RPM again in my 24th weeks, and ALL THE PAIN IN MY BODY WAS GONE ! Thank god exercise and being active remove all the pregnancy problem (i think), and now i’m 30weeks swim 1hr 2 times a week and still cycling 30mnt/day. No swolen body, no nausea. Just drink water and eat healthy

  7. I love his video . I was super active before and I’m active still being 22 weeks, I do it for my baby for my body and for a healthy labour . I think it’s so important to still be active . Of course I know what is too much compared to what I use to do but there’s still so much I can do . It’s funny when people criticize active pregnant women

  8. I haven’t been exercising for a while now, let’s say, 8 months? I am in 7th week and really really want to start some exercise to stay fit and not to gain way too weight. I also just started to work from home so that’s not helping much. Is there any types of exercise recommended for me? I was thinking about yoga but I find it super boring so not sure about that.

  9. It's so hard to know what intensity to workout at. I haven't even worked out because I'm scared I'll push to hard. I'm used to working out extreme lol. Help. I want to badly workout but have only done light yoga.

  10. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! It drives me nuts when people think pregnant women need to rest all the time and not move a muscle. My mom scolded me about exercising and said I shouldn't take out the trash, reach for things, walk across the parking lot, carry shopping bags…


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