1. having a slight insulin response from coffee before fasted cardio is NOT a problem at all, and is likely beneficial. Plenty of bodybuilders inject 2-3iu of exogenous insulin prior to fasted cardio to drive down blood sugar and promote better lipolysis (myself included)

  2. 50 years old 5’7 142-148 tried everything to get shredded the last 4-5 years like I was when I was in my 30’s. Heavy lifts 3 days a week HIIT 2-3 times sprint days 1 day, long walks fasted every morning with black coffee and after dinner everynight 30 min. Jump rope hit the bag take rest days and just do core or yoga. Can’t gain much muscle or lose lower belly stuck with 4 pack. Diet is pretty clean protein greens one or two days with potatoes or rice couple drinks a week just tequila and water. Is it age? Is everyone doing T?

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