1. I Love this workout routine I have to at least do 2 to 3 sets a day been doing this exercises since November at first I didn’t see a result but I loved how my body will burn sweat so I stopped paying attention but kept exercising it’s been 3 months and I finally seen the result I’m loosing my love handles they where so bad my lower stomach as well my shirts finally fit but fit me loose from my love handles and stomach which I’m so proud
    Don’t lose courage girls nor motivation keep going trust me it does work it burns but it pays off thank you for this workout

  2. okay so i'm this very inconsistent person when it comes to weight loss diet or exercise, but fuck we're done feeling insecure and hiding we can do thisss, will start my weight loss journey from tomorrow.
    February 25, 2020 to March 20, 2021 Inshallah and will definitely come back.
    March 20 is my birthday and i'm going to be 19. The year 19 to 20 is going to be my transformation year both mentally and physically. YES! will report back every month. <3

  3. I love these workouts! To make them work faster/make it a little more difficult, I held a 5lbs weight in my hands while doing some of the workouts. It helps tone your arms as well, I really recommend it!

  4. Okay! I'm gonna do this for a few weeks ( Will try to update everyday)
    My waist= 23.5 or 24
    But I got a little fat around the sides of my waistline

    Day1- I'm just gonna do it continuously and I'm sweating a bit
    Day 2- The same
    Day 3- Just pushing myself " No pain, no gain"
    Day 4- Did a thigh workout with this also, I'm starving
    Day 5- No pain, no gain, work harder, SWEAT! SWEAT!
    Day 6- Feeling my abs tightening and belly muscles paining
    Day 7

  5. Omg! Looks so easy but hell! I'n sweating like a pig hahaa. Love this! I should have started it earlier maybe I lost my unwanted side belly fats already.. thanks

  6. Omg this workout is so so so good I’m so thankful for I emi I did this workout 3 times a week and I have rlly bad muffin tops and they completely disappeared after 3 weeks ❤️❤️🥺🥺

  7. I wish I could post pictures but I've been doing this since mid January and it's been such an amazing transformation. This was the first video of Emi's that I found and I definitely feel as I found a #femily to be a part of. She's my favorite person to do workouts with.

  8. Day 1 : ✅
    Day 2 : ✅
    Day 3 : ✅
    Day 4 : ✅
    Day 5 : ✅
    Day 6 : ✅
    Day 7 : ✅
    Day 8 : ✅
    Day 9 : ✅
    Day 10 : ✅
    Day 11 : ✅
    Day 12 : ✅
    Day 13 : ✅
    Day 14 : ✅
    Day 15 : ✅
    Day 16 : ✅

    Day 17 :

    Day 18 :

    Day 19 :

    Day 20 :

    Day 21 :

    Day 22 :

    Day 23 :

    Day 24 :

    Day 25 :

    Day 26 :

    Day 27 :

    Day 28 :

    Day 29 :

    Day 30 :

  9. ok here goes my corona glow up
    doing this along side blogilates 100 ab challenge and emi wong 10 minute thigh and 15 minute hiit workout!

    starting measurements:
    hips: 35”
    waist: 27”

    day 1: ✅
    was not too bad but felt the burn and kept dropping to the floor haha

  10. This is really working… With in three days i can see difference and guys m highly recommending emi wong's workout because she is a good trainer and she having highly knowledge about each exercises and how it works ..thank you emi


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