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  1. As far as tuna… I used to only eat it mixed with mayo… until, out of desperation.. I drained the water/oil..whatever you get…as dry as possible..then mixed in alot of crushed peppers (the kind in the pizza joints)… No problem.

  2. Ground Turkey! You have to make your own patties (premade have some weird seasonings) and use garlic salt and the key!! Steam it! Put it in a pan with a bit of water and put a lid on it and then don’t overcook it to much. Makes a huge difference. Toast some Ezekiel bread with a bit of mayo or mustard and all the fixins. Super good! Does Ezekiel bread have flax seeds?? Hmm. I just watched your low testosterone video.
    And turkey chili. Beans, ground turkey, garlic salt, chili powder, tomato sauce and garlic and basil crushed tomatoes. Simple and delicious. After it’s done mix a bit of chopped jalapeños. 🤤
    And tuna. I’m not the biggest fan either but a bit of mayo and mustard, chopped pickles and chopped boiled eggs. And onion if you like it. Super good! If you do mayo and mustard you don’t need much mayo.

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