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  1. From when I was 8..Kids in school would call me a elephant, Fatboat,etc…they would scream earthquake when I would pass by.. I had no one because of my overweight condition..ALL MY FRIENDS LEFT ME…I tried many diet plans until I found u…😭😭thnx very much I used ur plans for months and i have lost 45 pounds…

  2. love your voice…can hear you for hours….plz share a balancd diet for kids height increasing too.coz my son is 11 years but his height is less than the standerd chart..and is more heavy around his tummy.

  3. Hi Vicky,I've been ur subscriber and I really want to lose weight. Can u make a video how to lose weight here in the Philippines because some of the ingredients u use is not available here thank you and God bless 💜❤️

  4. Vicky, I know this is an old video. I came upon your video because my 6-year-old is overweight. I have been wanting to do something for so long but am really inconsistent because I don't have a plan. She is the only one of our three children in our house who is overweight, everyone, including my husband and I, are underweight. Our second daughter has a whole host of food allergies and from past cross-contamination experience, we opted to have the whole family eat on her diet. Things like eggs, dairy, nuts, peanuts, soy, strawberries, garlic, tomatoes, onions, bananas, sesame, sunflower, coconut…She can tolerate Almonds and almond milk. I believe because of our strict diet, we eat a lot of rice, beans, bread, and meat. Occasionally my husband will get cheese for him and my 6-year-old and then she will experience severe bloating, making her stomach look and feel bigger. She is aware of her weight. She is 72lbs. We do not overdo it with the sugary drinks, they are home all the time for homeschool. I home cook 80-90% of our meals. We do eat a lot of fruits but not a lot of vegetables, only green beans and corn. While I know daily exercise will help my beautiful daughter, how can we find a comprehensive plan for my overweight 6-year-old while still not ostracizing or contaminating my second child with the allergies? I'd like a plan that would help all of us. Please feel free to email at Thank you, I really hope you can help us. – Lynn

  5. plz sugest smthing for 4 year old boy weight 26 kg ang also aseasonal alergic n get unwell almost eveymonth
    plz plz help
    thr r many videos on weight gain but not for kids tonloose weight
    my kids dnt eact fast food chips biscuits mayo ketcup cholctes getng simpl food bt stil m sooo upst

  6. I am 12 years old and I'm overweight. I'm very thankful that I'm actually too tall for my age and don't look so overweight. If I was short I would look like a potato.😂
    How to lose weight as a child:
    Stop eating junk food and don't drink soft drinks. If you get hungry or want a snack then just eat an apple. And only drink water! It's very important.😊👍🏻


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