Challenging prenatal workout for your abs and core, specifically focusing on the OBLIQUES! Tighten and tone your love handles in a safe way during pregnancy …



  1. I'm a competitive runner and 26 weeks pregnant! I've been following your prenatal fitness plan and it's so awesome to find safe, challenging strength exercises. I'm so glad that I found you and I love doing all your videos! Keep them coming! This is great!!!

  2. I’m almost 34 weeks pregnant and I’ve been doing your prenatal work outs since I was 20 weeks along. I absolutely love your work outs! I’ve stayed super fit and I’ve only gained the recommended weight for pregnancy. Congratulations Ashley, excited to continue working out with you!

  3. I loved this video!! I am so glad you came out with a new side oblique workout! I am 34 weeks today and having following your workout plan since 17 weeks! I can’t wait for more new workouts!

  4. Love you so much and all of your workouts! I am 16 weeks and have been doing your workouts throughout. So excited that you are pregnant again along with me and that you are coming out with new workouts! My most favorite is your 12 minute full body blast! Another one like that would be so fun but I am happy with whatever you do!

  5. 🌞Awesome workout! Exactly what I need! Any tips on pregnancy bloating would help. I think I bloat easily cuz of summer heat. Currently training for my yearly half marathon in the mountains.🌞

  6. From one personal trainer to another, your third trimester workouts are amazing! I'm 37 weeks and bummed I just found them this week, but they are definitely helping me stay accountable in these last couple weeks! 🙂

  7. I am so happy to found you on youtube!! I've just known that I was pregnant last Tuesday and my life has changed..I am addicted to work out before pregnant. It is hard for me to stop body weight and cardio during 1st trimester. So, I am really excited to doing your excercise as my PT during my pregnancy 😍 Thank you for being kind to share all routines for mommy that cannot stop exercise!! Hehe 😊😊 Greeting mom from Thailand 🇹🇭

  8. So excited that we are pregnant at the same time again and I get to do all your new videos! I followed and loved your workouts during my first pregnancy and am now on my second. Thanks for the great (and effective!) content.

  9. This is exactly what I needed this morning! I had pregnancy insomnia at 3 AM this morning, was woken up by my husband's alarms after that, and then my 3 y/o before the sun ever came up! Definitely didn't have the energy for a longer workout, lol.

  10. How do you look YOUNGER with baby #3 than in your earlier prenatal workouts? Thanks for this…I literally had 5 minutes today and wanted a core workout, so this was perfect for this 3rd-trimester mama who is desperately trying to stay in shape these last months. Your workouts were a lifesaver my last pregnancy, so I'm super excited to see that there are new ones too!

  11. This is a great ab video! It's helpful to know that during pregnancy it's healthier to focus on obliques rather than the other ab muscles. I also really appreciate how body positive this video is! It's about being healthy and strong, not looking a certain way, and it doesn't have negative body talk. Thanks!

  12. This is wonderful, thank you so much!!
    I am wondering if you know of some way to minimize/get rid of love handles while pregnant? I had them slightly before I got pregnant, but it seems like they are growing!! 🙁 I am 22 weeks! Thanks!

  13. Love, love the workouts!!! I'm on baby #3 and just discovered your channel! I'm adding your links and videos to my Pregnancy 411 page on my blog so other mommas can find these as well! I'm a personal trainer but motivation is so low for me during pregnancies for some reason. You're my hero! Thank YOU!!!


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