This week I share with you my symptoms and changes that have occurred during my 15th week of my second pregnancy. I post videos on motherhood, family, …



  1. Girl, you look great!!! And you’ll appreciate your weekly updates so much. I wish I had done that with my son. Next time around for sure!

    And my top is get to the bottom of the back problems ASAP. I had back issues with my first and have later heard that massage and chiropractors can help. Could be worth exploring…? I know I will for my next.

    Anyway, love your channel and your vibe ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Yay! You’re doing weekly updates 😊 I’m turning 16 weeks tomorrow. I’ve been gaining 1 pound per week since I was 10 weeks but I’m thinking it’s because I’m staying home now and not working so I’m not moving as much but definitely eating a lot more since my nausea subsided. Would love to see your pretty little thing haul!

  3. Omg I got pregnant with my second baby on the Depo Shot! My daughter is 1. And I am 9 weeks pregnant! Did your doctor get worried since you’re pregnant and we’re on the depo?

  4. Found your video Googling weight loss in pregnancy. I'm 15 weeks on Sunday and lost 3 pounds, started at 121 pounds, am now 118. Hopefully the dr doesn't get mad at me lol. My morning sickness was severe, but I managed to not throw up. Which is a plus in my book.
    Now my appetite is finally rising.


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