14 Minute Yoga For Abdominal Wall – Core Yoga Practice. This session is perfect for busy days but can also be repeated 1-2 times for a fuller work out. Adriene …



  1. Use YWA to develop a regular Sadhana to take control of your life, get strong and greet your best and most beautiful inner self. (Beach/Bikini body season can be so toxic! I got you! I got you.)

    Since this practice is only 14 minutes you might be able to try it in the early morning hours while your mind is clear and before you face your day.

    Notice how it feels to prioritize showing up for yourself before your day gets going. Let’s get strong while staying true to our inner teacher.

    That’s hot.

    Let me know how it goes down below!

  2. May 2020: I feel like my neck strains during any ab exercises, no matter what I try. Anyone have any advice? I am also not able to lift very high off the ground, the lower part of my shoulder blade is still touching the mat I feel…is that ok? :/

  3. Did this diddy twice, which is such an improvement from the last time I did it when once was all I could manage. One of the biggest physical changes I've noticed since doing Yoga with Adriene daily (day 134!) is the improved strength I feel in my core. And it is so much more than abs. I feel so much more stabile and strong and supported and best of all, I can feel the lift in my whole core which I think is amazing for our posture and for giving our organs more space. If you are just starting out and feeling like it'll take too long, or too much effort to see any results, keep going one day at a time! The results WILL come!

  4. So glad to do some core today. I needed to work on having a strong center. So much change is happening and I want to be present for myself and also being there for others too. ❤️ Thank you for setting up this monthly calendar, Adriene. Hello to everyone on the Mediate calendar

  5. Ok so I probably need to do this regularly. Ha. I find it tough not to have discomfort in the neck or lower back a little, I'm probably not doing it quite right. Good practice though. Thanks Adriene.

  6. I truly wanted to avoid this practice because core strength is an area of growth that is needed. I decided to do this practice because it was brief and I am glad I did! I can feel that fire in my belly and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was able to do my best. Namaste.

  7. Thank you for another focused practice, Adriene! This is just what I need today, and as with so many others, I have already bookmarked it to be sure that I can find it again tomorrow 8^) <3


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