Hi Everyone, As many of you were asking me that how I manage my weight post pregnancy, So here I am sharing the recipe of the detox drink that has helped …



  1. I actually drink infused water, as well as tea all day all night. If you end up with stomach pains from drinking water. Then that's a serious indication that you drastically need to increase your water intake.

  2. Thank you Sushmita. This infused water with all those fruits & herbs packed with antioxidant is a great idea. There are big beverages Co. out there making mineral water infused with citrus fruits. That’s the same idea, but yours is healthier and target the fat belly problem. I will make it. I would like to add raspberry to mine as well. Cheers!

  3. I have so much hope and love for humanity that I get carried away with my emotions when I listen to these lame videos with their silly recipies and the precice measurements they give. It's all so fake.

    They are also very counterproductive because they fail to mention that some of these plants have absorbed so much toxic fertilizer and pesticides that can't be washed off that it's better to go hungry than to consume them!

    Eat 2 pounds of organic, clean, ripe, raw whole foods every day and you wont have belly fat and youll be HEALTHY AND FULL OF MOJO!

    As for toxic foods look at strawberries for instance. Regular berries are some of the most pesticide intensive fruit on the planet! Two of them a day won't kill you, but it's still gross…. like licking a gas station floor every day won't kill you but it's just plain gross……and the bad stuff accumulates in your gut and other organs and doesn't exit your body so you end up with severe digestive issues, tumors, cancers or diseases of vital organs and organ failure. Love yourself. Study your body functions and study nutrition. Because you are important. Seriously!
    💘💘 🌞🌈 🌞💘💘

  4. I was struggling to lose my post baby weight while nursing my LO and found a weight loss supplement called "Mummy Magic Weight Loss Tea". I used to drink it three times a day before each meal time and dropped 45 lbs without compromising on my milk production.

  5. thanks Sushmita , i love this detox approach to weight loss, i actually know of a rare tasty tea recipe that has made my auntie loose a pound of weight every week week with no exercise, any one interested can reply to this comment or message me directly for details.

  6. Hello!! How long will it take to see results? since my baby is one year old and I still do not lose weight !! I'm going up and I do not like it! I have seen many of your videos and they are super good but with this I still do not encourage myself !! Thank you


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