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  1. Hope you guys enjoyed this one! And thank you to all the new subscribers ❤️The family is growing and I'm so happy to have such a supportive, kind community here on this channel!
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  2. What if u want to loose belly fat but you dont want to loose weight overall? I have a high metabolism and have struggled for yeeeears to put on weight (which I finally have now) so I really dont want to loose weight again, but would love to get rid of my belly fat lol (or just tone up that area). Any advise?

  3. Could you suggest a good cardio based workout for pre-ab work outs, I've been going on jogs. Also, how often should you be doing abs per week, I've been doing a variety of your ab workouts daily.

  4. This is just what I need.

    Just 1 question: if you can control the ads, can you places them at the beginning or the end?
    Having them turn up in mid workout is kind of distracting

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