THE WORKOUT PROGRAM & NUTRITION GUIDE: These are great exercises to target the lower part of your abs and …



  1. After having two kids my pouch looks bigger than ever, I think it’s time I motivate myself to see some results besides eating like a pig 🐷 lol goin ham# want my slim tummy back 🤔

  2. Absolutely love Vicky and her workouts but she's already got such a flat stomach so was wondering, has anyone of average weight tried and found this works? (I'm a UK size 12)

  3. i love how honest this is. most youtubers sugarcoat these but you made it clear that this will only show with a proper diet and it's not a quick fix. thank you for that!!

  4. guys do this workout with your ankle weights on..if you have them..because it adds additional stress to your abs making this workout 10x more effective! i guarantee you abs in 2 weeks…and this is not coming from a skinny girl…im 170cm, 66 kg and i always have had problems with my lower belly. Well…not anymore 🙂


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