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  1. Try to find baked beans low in sugar. They're one of the only fibrous foods I can eat bc of colitis. Black beans can even be a problem for sure. Also, the baked beans I see are like 16g of sugar, not 26, my man.

  2. When you mean that we should cut the fruit juice, do you mean only the one packed in carton boxes or fruit juice on general? It is much worse for you to squeeze some orange juice and drink it rather than eating the fruit itself?

  3. Is it just the deli meats at the counter or even the prepackaged ones like Hillshire Farms ? They have a sliced chicken breast that is 50 Calories, 10g of Protein, 2g of Carbs, and 0.5g of Fat. Is that good or no ?

  4. I used to go the deli meat route too, but that shit is just too expensive. And it’s crap.
    So I went to Costco and bought two large Eye of the Round roasts. Trimmed off all the fat, and then sliced the roasts into about 10 one-inch think steaks. Each one is about 200g. Now when I want some protein, I just thaw one out and grill it up, then slice it thin afterwards.
    It’s perfect. And soooo much better on the wallet and the body.

  5. I don't think I eat any of these foods except possibly the deli meats. To add more protein to my diet, I've been eating these John Soules Foods Chicken Fajitas. Does anybody know if this counts as a "trap food"?


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