Want to lose those love handles but don’t know how? Make sure you subscribe and never miss a video ▻ https://goo.gl/FOVoGP These four exercises will help …



  1. Do this from 8am till 8pm. If you are in a calorie surplus it's going to do nothing.
    If you want to loose your love handles you need to eat less calories than you burn, do high intensity interval training, this will lower body fat from everywhere on your body. Once your body fat has lowered to the amount you like, start doing these exercises to really get your abs & obliques popping out

  2. this shit hurts. im skinny, but i don’t have a smooth figure that looks nice in a bikini because i have love handles AND hip dips. im also currently doing exercises for knock knees so i’m doing love handles then hip dips. i’ll update weekly!

    week 1: 12/16/19: hurt like a bitch, but at the same time felt good to workout and i could feel it working. i don’t need to lose weight but i need a smoother body and more of a curve from waist to hip. i’ll update next tuesday. although i might forget.

  3. Who else has an hour glass figure I love my figure but these love handle makes me look so back and then when I push them to the back to see how I look I would love my body as a person who's in recovery of a ed idk if I should start working out or wait till my body heals from the damages Iv don't to it


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