MY FIRST MUSIC VIDEO IS OUT- would mean the world if you watched



  1. You’re cute! I hope your music career is taking off.
    Just a side note: this workout would be safer if you take a child’s pose between each set to stretch and reset your back. Otherwise, I’m definitely feeling the burn. Thanks!

  2. Grl … I don't see u as much on YouTube as I did 1.5 yrs ago. Your videos are my first-choice when I wanna get a quick at home workout in. And we have a similar-ish body type so you're quick for me to relate to. I'm about to do your arm one next.
    I hope you stick to making these videos, because you can go far w/ that.


  3. Okay 3 things. 1. You're a smart businesswoman for using your own music in your videos lol. 2…and it's actually really freakin good. 3. This looks like a killer workout and I can't wait to try it

  4. This workout works like hell and it never gets any easier. I always feel like crying even though I know it works my back is curvier and firmer. Thanks Gabriella. Your music video is great by the way.

  5. BRRROOOOI!! istg this works. Like I've never gotten results this fast. I never had the line on my back. And after this workout I started to see it. I literally don't even do the 4th one💀. Like I got a small fade of the line at the top of my back in less than 3 days. I'm almost down the lowest of the lower back. Hoes madd😘 my back snatched

  6. Day One: I’m tired as heck but i felt the burn
    Day Two: It was hurting more than day one but i kept on going 😖
    Day Three: I see a small difference no lie and the workout has gotten easier
    Day Four: still pushing

  7. Im doing this for a week or 2
    Day1: done ✅ VERYY SWEATY
    DAY 2: Done: reallly sweaty
    Day3: it.BURNS but done
    Day:4 done ✅ ive been seeing some really interesting changes latley ive seen that my upper back has gotten slimer

  8. This helped me a lot I tried so many back fat exercises I never got results this much fast I m doing from past 4 days I got better results need to continue few more weeks ..i m very thankful to you such effective exercises.. I m very happy wen I dressed now feeling like my back straight lit bit is there that may be reduced by continuing few more weeks

  9. Day 1~ my back is incredibly sore and I have a this weird chill in my neck, but I do t see any results so far ( Bc it’s the first day 😅. But I’ll keep y’all updated!!


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