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  1. imma do this and update. for reference i’m a girl and i’m 15 if that helps lol.

    day 1: wasn’t very hard but I definitely felt it

    day 2: I’m pretty sore from yesterday so doing this was a bit of struggle and I felt way more than I did yesterday but I pushed through and still did the full workout

    day 3: I was more sore today than yesterday but it was easier to do. I can actually see my stomach getting more toned. it’s minor but it’s there.

  2. ive been working out consistently for a while but always struggled with toning my lower back, doing this everyday for 2 weeks 🙂
    Day 1: was able to complete the whole thing twice but definitely felt the burn!
    Day 3: already starting to get a bit easier, and i feel and see a slight difference! also drinking at least 6 water bottles a day

  3. Okay so ima do this for 2 weeks and keep y’all updated ;D

    (Day 1) OKAY. So I started this halfway and kinda stopped caring about it after I tried the plank push up things. But then I got myself demotivated and finished the entire workout while freaking dying. Not much change but I feel my upper stomach BURNING.
    (Day 2) Today I didn’t feel any soreness until later on. My sides hurt like hell. I can see a faint line on my stomach area, and I can slightly see my love handles lesser than before. I did this workout twice tonight :,)

  4. Working on my revenge body!
    Day 1: Attempted to do all of it, did all exercises but didn't complete any of them until the end
    Day 2: Did all but couldn't finish any of them like on day 1 (maybe did a bit more?)
    Day 3: Nearly didn't have time to do it at all, but decided to attempt before bedtime and omg I could already finish it 100% Also noticed a slight improvement in the morning while looking my belly in the mirror!
    I'll keep doing them every day and keep editing this 😊👍

  5. Just started Ill update ill do it 2times every day see yall
    Day 1: Did it and it was normal. It hurt alot but I kept going lmao. I am done it was easy I am sore tho ttyl❤❤🤞🏻
    Day 2: I cannot see very much improvement yet but it is only the second day. It does not hurt as much and I got through it without stopping. See yall tmrow🤣🤞🏻❤
    Day 3: Sorry I did not update on time I just slept cuz I was very tired. Did it and the palanks were so much easier. I am hoping they are easier today aswell. As for my love handles they seem as if they are gone by a little bit
    Day 4-6 : A lot easier and my love handles are def. Way smaller. On day 8 I will also go shopping and I think I might be able to actually wear high waisted pants🤞🏻

  6. IM GOING TO DO THIS! I need alot of motivation because often with workouts i will start off strong and then on Day 4 i skip and then forget and next thing you know im 50kg heavier haha. Every 2 likes Is one workout😩

  7. i’m doing for 2 weeks and updating!!like so i make sure to update!

    before results: 159lbs – 33 inch waist

    ✅ day 1: pretty normal, it’s not too intense. i’ll probably include her 3 minute workout, and then 2 of these and of one these next week.
    ✅ day 2: so from now on, i’ll be doing this workout as well as her hourglass/booty workout.
    ✅ day 3: for some reason today was the hardest? still got it done tho
    ✅ day 4
    ❌ day 5 (rest day, went swimming)
    ✅ day 6

  8. okay, so i’m going to do this and put in honest updates just because i’ve tried working out so much but i always give up after a week or so.
    i also am following a low sugar diet while also doing some exercises and stretches for my legs since i am a figure skater and i am working on advanced moves (Freestyle 3) now.
    Info (before)
    height: 5’8
    weight: 155
    waist: 30-32 in (i’m not exactly sure)

    Day 1: okay so not bad, i couldn’t do the last exercise the second time i had to stop after that. those twists bro- that HURT but i’m hoping that means it working LMAO obviously everything is still going to be the same measurement wise and looks wise so nothing big yet but it’s a start :,)
    Day 2: it felt good to do this today lmao, all i did was sit around doing homework so i felt like i more motivation than normal lmao. this time i did the last exercise the second time but not all the way to the end. But hey, no change in anything really yet 🙂
    Day 3: the same old same old today, got up after homework and completed this- i feel like the plank pushups are slowly getting easier as well so at least we are moving somewhere
    Day 4: it’s getting slowly easier with the plank moves the abs are about the same and i think i can see some small lines on the top of my abs somewhat, like barley there lmao, imma keep going tho

  9. I started doing this today I want to be accountable and not change the workout !
    Day 1: I was done doing 100 crunches and a 7 min workout from an app. I did the first round comfortably second round planks got to me. Planks side planks all sorts of planks are my weakest. Anyways I finished day1 and I can feel my body burning. I m just obsessed with the way 100 crunches makes my upper body look. ( these are excluding the ones from this work out).
    Hoping for a consistent routine ❤️
    Day 2; the toughest of the days. I still have problem with plank exercises. But overall more sweat and pain everywhere 😂I think these means something good. Like always I did couple more ( 7 min workout, 100 crunches and her back fat work out prior to this. ) it’s something that makes me happy. I found those videos before this hence kept adding on to my routine. But I will try to do this first tomorrow and see my energy levels. I m a vegetarian 🌱 so the major diet change is drink more water ( I used to live on one gulp) eat more fruits and avoiding chips 😂😂😂. Anyways I m gonna do this for two weeks. After every work out I feel lighter and confident about my body.
    Day 3: the pain is still there but I was better at doing 2nd part of the repeat exercises. I m excited to wake up and do them. 🥳
    Day 4: zero motivation but pushed myself I did a lot better and I can feel the increase in the stamina

  10. I know this is an old video, but some people down here found it successful so i will try it for two weeks i guess.
    Day 1 : I cant feel my everything.. damn i hate plank pushups!

  11. Ok, so let's see how this goes.

    Started on February 2nd with a waist of 68cm/26.77 in

    Side note: I don't think I will do it everyday since I get bored pretty easily, but I will do it (at least) every other day with a minimum of two reps. I will eat as I've been (80/20 daily).

    02: did it three times. Struggle to finish the 3rd one but overall pretty good.

    04: did it four times; one when I woke up and three after dinner (not the wisest decision hehe). It has gotten easier to do the workout, maybe because I focused more on posture than reps (doesn't mean I went slow). Felt super motivated to do it since my waist was looking snatched and my obliques were showing more… still have love handles (didn't expect them to go away with 3 reps of the workout tho).

  12. how do y’all prevent ur neck from feeling like it’s dying during these?!?! Like it hurts so bad. I feel all the burn in my neck and I’m even concentrating on engaging my abs for these!! please help!!


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