Hi, I am Randy from http://bit.do/eyQtv and I have been helping kids all over the world to lose weight and leave a happy and youthful life without being teased by …



  1. This is for me for my own good I’m young and I’m gonna do this tips because everyone calls me fat 😤 let’s do this (i do everything that’s bad but I’m gonna stop)

  2. I’m gonna start to workout every day after school for 30 mins
    not have any fizzy drinks or juice just water
    Not have any snacks or desert
    don’t have junk food and eat healthy
    make sure to do outside activities and not always sit down on my bed
    do stretches and do my daily mile well every day at school
    Work on my gymnastics ( spilts and flexibility)

  3. Hi 👋🏽 person who is reading this. So I am 10 and a half years old and I have not eaten a sweet in like 3 years. I exercise every single day. And I eat no junk food I have a healthy diet. When we go to a restaurant I get salad and water every time. I have literally done everything to try and make me slim subliminals too. And they don’t work I am 5 1 and a half.( I cry a lot everyday ) Does anyone have a suggestion on what to do to make me skinny??? 😭

  4. I'm eleven 97 pounds, but when I sit down, I have three fat rolls and the hang over my underwear. I look lanky when I stand up straight, but I have a lot of insecurities about this. Should I be worried, really?
    Btw: I'm 5'1 and 11 so that should also take a factor

  5. I’m a 13 yr old and I’m so self conscious and I think my belly is so big and I look horrible but then people tell me that I gave a perfect body (I way 76 lbs) so idk is this usual?


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