Foods To Eat To Lose Lower Belly Fat! – These are the top 13 Protein Sources, Top 10 Carb Sources, and Top 10 Fat Sources on A Fat Loss Diet! I ate candy …



  1. I eat a ton of wild venison (hunter) and we raise pastured, organic chicken. By the way animal fat is far better for you than vegetable fat. Vegetable fat oxidizes rapidly when heated causing a host of problems in our bodies. Probably one of the worst things to put in our bodies.

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  3. 0:44 although certain carb sources are important and acceptable in a ketogenic diet. I would argue that you don’t need carbs (glucose) for energy and say you can be healthy while on a keto diet mixed with intermittent fasting. For example, the native Americans relied on buffalo and were the staple food source for many years up until the settlers attempted to killed them off. Soon after the native population began to dwindle down day by day.

  4. Could u plz come to the point quickly what u wanna say ? Bcz…most of the time u are repeating the same again n again without coming to the point. But… It's little bearable at least in this video.

  5. I've been doing this actually. I really really love shrimp cause it's so easy to cook. Last night I did a curried shrimp with non-fat gree yogurt and it was the best. Regardless this is common sense I wish more people would get that. My dad loved fatty animal meats and had diabetes eventually he went into kidney failure and had heart disease before he died. He ate from time to time too, but the man loooved steak probably why i stay away from it. My issue was carbs, but I think I have control of it right now and I am down about 6lbs it's hard to measure when you have a period going on, but I should have more accurate numbers next week. Shame more people won't listen to you I think the keto people losing 100lbs in a year is very attractive, but you can lose that weight and still eat carbs and non fatty meats.

  6. Hey Troy! I’m glad you have your back facing McDonald’s lolol love it!

    I’m in a tough spot. I’ve shredded down on keto and heavy lifting this past year from 206 to 149 pounds at 5’8. I’m trying to transition to carbs again because of all the important reasons you mention in the video. My workouts lack the strength and energy I need and I think it’s preventing me from continuing to shred down. I’ve been stuck at 149 pounds with decent abs for months. I just can’t get the bottom abs nice and flat like yours. The trick for me is going to lower the fats and replace with carbs. I’ve been living off the opposite. I’ll keep you posted how it goes. I also upped my cardio a bit to see if I can break through my stall. I don’t want to sacrifice muscle so I lift real heavy and eat good protein. I think I just need carbs too.


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