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  1. Results doing it for 35 days!
    Day 1: Some parts are very hard, but I used a waist trainer so I bet right now it’s very sweaty of course no results first day.
    Day 2: Some parts got easy I used a waist trainer too, later on i’m going to work on my butt/thigh part this part is my own work out ofc still nothing it’s just the second day, what I ate today was mostly fruit, almonds, gluten free cookies, gluten free cinnamon crisps, vegan rice…etc REMEMBER EAT HEALTHY ITS GOOD TO HAVE ONE JUNK FOOD DAY THATS ALL !!
    Day 3: I didn’t do this workout but I did two others of Chloe Ting workout I did the morning workout and then another lower belly workout, they’re almost the same still burned some fattt the morning one was kinda hard the second one I did pretty good remember to eat healthy !! this morning I ate a lot of fruit, 3 cinnamon gluten free cookies, 9 almonds almonds, 2 fuel snacks in the afternoon I ate 2 scramble eggs with a mineral water, and then i’m going to make a strawberry blueberry banana smoothie with a strawberry kellogg bar.
    Day 4: It was kinda easy but kind hard on some parts but still no results remember it’s just day 4, EAT HEALTHY today for breakfast I ate a banana bread from school, then for lunch I ate fruits (kiwi, strawberries, oranges, and pineapples), I ate 9 almonds, 2 fuel crackers, 1 chocolate almond, 3 cinnamon crackers, 1 gluten free raisin cookie, 10 vegetable straws, 10 organic yellow corn chips, and 1 kellogg strawberry bar, then once I left school we went to a Mexican restaurant I got the Veggie Fajita (vegetarian side of the menu) all veggies and ate some rice and a bit of guacamole and beans, later in a few hours I’m drinking a milkshake (1 banana, 3 strawberries, 10 blueberries, and almond milk) with MAYBE one kellogg bar….but other then that ! HAVE A FUN AND HEALTHY DAY !!
    Day 5: It was easier then last time ofc still no change it’s only day 5 heheI didn’t use a waist trainer because my mom threw it away It was pretty old and it just didn’t work but she said she’ll let me keep the one she has so yeah lol REMEMBER TO EAT HEALTHY breakfast I didn’t eat nothing I wasn’t hungry for the schools breakfast lunch I ate fruits (pineapples, strawberries, kiwis, and mangooo), sliced almonds, 1 chocolate almond, 2 fuel crackers, kellogg bar, 2 raisin cookies, 3 cinnamon crackers, 10 veggie straw chips and 10 organic yellow corn chips, for dinner I was going to eat a vegan cauliflower quick meal, but I did not like it at all so I ate a bit of guacamole with a few of organic crackers, WHICH WAS DELICIOUS I might have a little snack tonight, but I don’t think I am since we have literally no bananas to make a milkshake or anything else 🙁 hehe….but other then that EAT HEALTHY BE HEALTHY AND BE SAFFEE!!
    Day 6: It was easy but hard at some parts before this I did a HIIT cardio workout which burned too and I’m kinda tired out from this but I was using a waist trainer too well that’s all to this workout for now just letting you know too eat healthy today at breakfast I ate some kellogg cinnamon crackers and for lunch I ate fruits strawberries, kiwis, oranges I had grapes but I wasn’t that hungry, I also had a sandwich which goat caramel on top which was good lol, also some cut almonds, chocolate almond, kellogg strawberry bar, 2 fuel crackers, 2 gluten free raisin cookies, 3 cinnamon crackers, 10 veggie straws, 10 organic yellow corn chips and also I drank a mineral water and for dinner I might eat some brown rice, 9 almonds, and a kellogg strawberry bar
    😅I skipped sunday’s because i don’t have tome to workout and I usually go out they’re usually my free days but today’s wednesday we went out and I rider a dish with jumbo shrimps rice and broccoli GOOD DINNER !!! HEALTHY TOO and I also got a salad !! I just finished working out to this and i’ll let you know it got easier but I’m tired as ever lol

  2. Maybe this will keep me motivated:

    Day 1:
    wow I never realized how not flexible my legs are
    Also I can't do any of the jumping ones, because I'm doing this in my room at midnight and everyone in my house is sleeping, so I've been replacing the jumping ones with some of the other excercises, if you have a better idea let me know.
    Waist: 25.5
    Lower Stomach: 32.5
    Hips: 34.5

    Day 2:
    Waist: 25.5
    Lower Stomach: 32
    Hips: 34

    Day 3
    I just got back from a concert (Kiss and David Lee Roth) and also my toenail is about to come off and really hurts, but I’ll try anyways.
    Waist: 25.5
    Lower stomach: 32

  3. hey guys! I’m going to be doing this workout for two week! let me know if you guys want updates 🙂

    First day : ehh not so bad very sweaty doing them at the end of the day. I’m in track and trying to eat healthy..

  4. For those who are interested, my New Year's Resolution is to lose weight. So, just wanna say I'm actually training with this workout. Just 15-25min per day. I've been doing this for a week and a half and i've lost 2-2.5kg and my abs are much flat than before. My goal is to weight 58 more or less. My current weight is 64-65 so if u wanna see the progress just make this comment seen for so many people to respond to you guys!.

    Edit: btw, my height is 1,65 lol

  5. I got this REALLY stubborn lower fat I can’t get rid of I tried eating healthy and done a lot exercises and drink water soo I’m gonna try this one I’ll update my results
    Day 1: ✅


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