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  1. Anyone that understands exercise science, nutrition, and physiology knows that you cannot target a specific section of your abs nor can you reduce belly fat with the exercises he is doing. Reduction of belly fat occurs in the kitchen, not the gym or on the exercise mat. You can build your abs, but you will still have a layer or two of fat on top of them if you don't eat properly.

  2. So that just proves you don't do the shit your promote…like your protein shake…raspberries by the way ya douche…not strawberries…if you consume that shake alone…probably in the 2000 calories…so that would mean you drink that and starve the rest of the day…dumb bitch

  3. Crunches get a bad rap, but whenever I do them and look at myself in the mirror, my stomach looks tighter and those knots start to protrude out. Plus, if you do them in high volume as he recommends, you're going to burn a lot calories like any other exercise, which is going to help in fat loss. Good video.

  4. so if i have lower belly fat… should i lose that first before doing these exercises or will these exercises help me lost the lower belly fat? i don't wanna do the exercises still having my belly fat cuz it might push the fat out more ?

  5. those exercises are NOT gonna make your belly fat disappear. you could get abs using them but the abs won't be visible cause of the belly fat. the only way to reduce belly fat is proper nutrition and avoiding junk food. come on tyrone why you saying wrong shit man


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