FAT LOSS MACROS IN 5 STEPS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlzDqXiF9Gg These are the top 7 fat loss tips (to help you get rid of lower belly fat FAST!)



  1. I think alot of this has to do with genetics. For example, my brother can eat anything he wants and not gain a pound. I on the other hand, watch what I eat, eat clean, workout daily and its extremely hard for me to lose belly fat. Currently I am doing a 5 day a week 1hr to 1hr 30 minute lifting routine followed by 10 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill. I plan on buying your supplements today since you are offering the discount. Ill be doing a 30 day run on it and documenting results.

  2. Cold shower is only good for one thing….make thing shrink temporarily ..and keto are for people who has no hope …If you want to lose or gain weight…..being a coach potato are for losers lol

  3. Refined Sugar is TOXIC to the human body It is the cause of most major diseases
    Drink plenty of Water with AVC w/Mother to stop sugar cravings and be consistent in your exercise routine
    IOW Get off your Ass

  4. i really love watching your vedeo. there funny im really learning alot. im a runner . but it's time for me get stronger all over. i thank you . i need your . i eat alot of eggs and oatmil . but im a runner and hit the gym trying ro get stronger. having trouble wirh my belly .

  5. plain and simple. caloric defecit. cut carbs. "test" your limit 1x wk for 10wks. do a"dex" scan EOD to check BF and progress for 12 wks. then start to"max"in your lifts week 13-16 to keep your gains. everything else is garbage broscience.

  6. yow troy.. I just wanna ask you about my body and what training I should do. I have a fat belly tummy and fat legs and my arms are not so shape and big. I got pregnant in beers. and now I'am so depress to think about my figure. I want a big abs build to my tummy and loss the fats on my tummy and legs.
    what can you give a meal plan for my body bro?
    just need help.

  7. The reason why you CAN spot reduce is that the muscles generate localized heat when exercising. Heat speeds chemical reactions, including without limitation, the metabolism of fat at and in the muscles involved in exercise. It's unfortunate that fat is typically stored in love handles (men) and hips (women) where either no huge muscles tend to naturally occur or there is a lot of outside exposure. Perhaps heating these areas up with heat pads or wraps made of wetsuit rubber, and keeping the body well warmed overall after exercise would speed this localized fat loss.

    it is true that spot reducing, while technically possible, is nearly a useless concept for practical reasons.

  8. You are wrong about keto. I use to be in a caloric deficit every day before. Eating grilled chicken and veggies. All the "healthy" stuff. I now do keto and have lost weight, i finally have abs again. And my strength has doubled in the gym. Im way more cut now than I was. Fan of your videos though. I just disagree with the keto part.

  9. i dont usually comment on vids but i felt a bit compelled to do so i started my weight loss journey in june of 2017 i started at 330 lbs it was the heaviest i had ever been i started on the keto diet i have now been on the keto diet for 4 months i have more energy i never feel bogged down an i have lost 83 lbs at this point an time an i am know were near my goal now i am not saying keto is for every one but it does work.

  10. 7 signs that u r stupid : 1* if u apply one of the dump tips in this videos, especially the 1st and 2nd drink extreme cold water even in the winter and eat naked in the front of the mirror lol


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