Start Losing Your Belly Fat Fast: Hey, everybody. Mark Mcilyar here today to show you one of my favorite at-home …



  1. This is good stuff but never do push up on your toes, you already put enough pressure on your joints every day! I do my push ups on my knees, cross your knees, try it 👍. If you are a runner especially do this of else you will be prone to bunions, turf toe, gout or Hallux rigidus (osteoarthritis). Protect your joints!!

  2. I'm 43 and have washboard abs. He forgot leg elevated push ups. Feet higher than your shoulders will make your upper pecs and shoulders bulge and keep a tight gut simultaneously.

  3. Thanks, Mark, for this. I don't know why your vids popped up on my feed (as I'd done no searches for anything exercise or belly fat related), but I took a hint and set a belated New Year's resolution to deal with my own "spare tire". I'm only two days in, but I really want to do this to see if I can at least see a hint of the 6 pack abs I once took for granted in my 20s. Just starting, the push-ups are the hardest (and most numerous, since they bookend each of the three daily routines). In small numbers, I can do full-on push-ups, but when doing 60 in one session, I find I have to go to the knee-fulcrum "wimpy" pushups about half way through. Eventually, I'll do more and more full pushups until I can manage the full 60 from my toes and forearms.

    Again, thanks for this. I'm hoping I stick with this long enough to see the results at the end!!!

  4. Inspirational but you should be honest with your viewers…I am 56 years old and was a natural bodybuilder for over 20 years. It's obvious you are on TRT. Theres no shame in that…just a little deceiving suggesting anyone with gray hair like yours is going to be sporting a 6 pack and have muscular vascular arms and chest. Sorry it doesn't work like that. Come clean!!

  5. I'm 46, 2 years after successful prostatectomy and 3 months after hernia repair. Started this 3 days ago but need to spread the 5 sets throughout my day at present. I thought I would be able to do it easily. Big shock. But I feel great doing it and I will get there.

  6. I'm 64 and just had my 2nd back surgery but I think I can do this but will work into it.i'm still in aquatic P.T..I think I'll start the push ups on my stairs.i to am a lab person and love the dog.thanks for the video

  7. I've been doing this. It's working out okay. I already workout, so I just added this for fun. I'm in good enough shape that it's not hard, but it still gets the sweat going.

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  9. I like these exercises. As another gentleman commented I’m also recovering from back surgery and in PT also so on top of my normal pt exercises I will add these for more core strengthening. Thanks for the video


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