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  1. Thank you for your videos, I just started to drink your fat burning drink. So should I eat this salad and than have that drink. Thank you!

  2. Looks great thx.I subscribed to ur channel.I started the warrior diet intermettint fasting and my eating window is from 3-6pm do u think this would help out not eating it before bed for weight loss?

  3. hi, I tried the bedtime fat loss drink of yours. I got the awesome results. thanks for that. Please can you do vegetarian diet plan for weight loss. as i don't eat any kind of meat, and eggs. i am confused hat will help me.

  4. hey so I was wondering if I were to eat this salad at night and combine it with your burning fat drink would that be a good idea and if so how far apart from each other should I consume these 2 recipes?

  5. Hello, Thank you for putting these recipes on youtube. I just watched this video and another one of your videos about the Fat Cutting Drink. I do have a question. I work overnights and sleep maybe 5 hours at a time rather than the usual 8 hours. Will this lack of sleep and the unusual time of day have negative effects?


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