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  1. I am 15 i weight 100 kg (idk how much pounds it means) i really want to lose weight and i saw that water and coffe helps me i respect you man! I am trying to lose weight.
    I am starting today

  2. Alright guys some quick tips appearance wise
    1. Long hair makes your face rounder
    2. Baggy clothes make you look fatter
    3. Wear clothes that fit well
    4.A black shirt can make you look skinnier
    Actual weight loss tips:
    1. Don't drink sugary drinks
    2. If you haven't hit puberty, weight loss and muscle growth is harder
    3. Cardio

  3. Yeah you were 200 pounds I’m the 7th grade I’m in the 7th grade and I’m 13 6,0 tall and I way 240 because I’m tall I want to loose weight because the weight for a 6,0 person it should be 190 to 200 so

  4. I’m 14, 5’11, wide build, 170 pounds. I feel as if I’m overweight, but people tell me I’m not. Can’t tell if it’s because they’re just being nice or if I actually am, so I’ll ask people on the comments.

  5. Im tryna lose weight but im comfortable in the way i look maybe its because im an aries and I've always been active i don't know why im kinda big tho so im starting my weight loss but its kinda hard cause its always cold rn

  6. I lost my weight and I’m going to give you guys some times drink more water everyday eat in portions work out or eat healthy diet take diet pills detox their are a lot of options

  7. I'm 15 and 5 feet 10 inches and I weigh 150 Pounds. But I didn't always weigh that much. About 2 years ago, I used to weigh 208 pounds. I was extremely unhealthy… I ate whenever I wanted, I didn't care. I was bullied constantly for being overweight.
    But one day, I decided to make a change. I began eating 2,000 calories a day. (which was hard for me at first to do at that time because I was used to eating so much) But as the months progressed, I began to notice my belly getting smaller. I was so happy and I felt great. I eventually started exercising which made me lose even more weight.
    Once I became a normal weight I began to get back into old habbits… But, I noticed what I was doing and that motivated me even more to keep exercising. I'm also considering getting a nutritionist to help me maintain my weight.
    In all, if you are willing to put in the work to lose weight I guarentee you that you will be able to. Remember, never give up!

  8. I was fat too when I was a kid, now I'm just not fat and not so fit and I was trying for 2 weeks drinking much of water and it did happend!!!! But I had to eat normal food but no chocolates and sweets


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