Prospective clients often look at before and after pictures on the internet in order to best determine the right surgeon for them, and some tend to notice a …



  1. My upper stomach is a little fat after my lipo and tummy tuck I do not look small it some times looks big like if I am pregnant what can I do to make my upper stomach smaller

  2. Hello I have the same issues as others & on a strict diet & exercise routine. I am just as swollen in my pubis mound as well as upper torso and it looks botched. I feel discouraged when I exercise
    knowing I am spinning my wheels or feeling as if I am. I do wear a FAJA &/or banding belt almost everyday and if not that then SPANX.
    My question is…
    Can I have more lipo or coolsculpting done on the upper torso and the thighs or pubis mound!?
    I had a 2 cup reduction TT & lipo on the upper stomach arms flanks & thighsx Im really not wanting more super invasive surgery with so much down time again. Due to busy life style!!
    I love watching your videos and hearing your advice you rock and I just might make a trip to Houston to consult with you. Until then Ill have to use YOUTUBE for my questions.
    TYIA have an awesome day.


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