Hey loves, just sharing my postpartum body and journey back to a flat stomach after giving birth to twins. I’ll add product details here soon, please let me nap first …



  1. Im 12 and i havs stretch marks on my boobs outer thighs/hips/butt and my inner thighs and i hate them but i cant do anything about it my best frkend knows about them and she was fine with it she just told me to keep going with my life and not listsn to anyone i donf wear bathing suits i dont wear short shorts im only 12 rsmember i should be able to wear what i want and not be able to be scared of ahat people think about me in summer i wear long pants in wimter i wear long pants i wear flowy clothes bc i dont like my weight im nkt at all fat im the perfecf weight but k think im fat fhats my mind set and i hate having showers bc we have a huge mirrod and i jjsf hate looking at myself but u are absolutely gorgsous and i wksh j could look like u stretch marks or not u are stunnung and beautkful meep smiling and i hope u have a gold parenting life and ur kids ars so lucmy to have u as a mother xx😍💖💞❤🌷💕

  2. I not willing to give away the beauty of my body for an expensive child in an already overpopulated world. I’m one of those people who care about already existing child but I’m smart enough to not contribute to a growing problem. When your kids are 30 and still live at home with you and are unable to find a good job while having a masters degree just remember you’re not alone.

  3. My bellybutton popped out when I was pregnant…n I had c section…but my bellybutton didn't go inside completely….n sometimes its painful also…can u give me aany suggestion….

  4. People said rubbing your stomach doesn't work but it does. I rubed my stomach with coconut oil from the 1st month to the 9th month and it saved me because my stomach was so big everyone thought i will have twins. Gave birth to a 4.6kg baby and my stretch marks are unnoticeable. But i developed diastasis recti and i am doing exercises to make it better. Meanwhile the fat stomach has melted away 4months PP with the use of INTERMITTENT FASTING AND KETO thanks to DR ERIC BERG and JESUS CHRIST. Yes y'all i prayed to him to heal me and help me loose weight and he did. I was so fat and my stomach was so big. Well i hope this info helps someone out there


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