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  1. Bro lv ur channel, all vids r v insightful n reflect ur education and experience… but u really think does a person with 136 kg of weight can do these exercises? Request if u can share something for beginners… thanks

  2. Bro you are a great trainer please don't change and start doing bull shit videos with bull shit content thank you so much for your advice I follow your videos and I help others at the gym with the knowledge you provide thank you so much again. By the way yes I see going and less fat!!!!!💪👊👍✌

  3. THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO. IT HELPED ME TO AWAKEN ME EVEN MORE. ! IAM so disappointed with all MY FAT CELLS!!! I did shoulders for 1hour strength training – everything was going excellent, then I decided to do BURPEES, and 5 others CARDIO EXERCISES…
    UGH! I tried some new exercises and they were so hard… I felt so out of shape… my heart was racing it fast…my body did not like it…. asked me 'What aee you doing?!' UGH! 😟😭😟😭😟 My soul was annoyed and my FAT CELLS were LAUGHING! As much I saw myself in the mirror I simply felt I was HULK… or the BEAST of the "Beauty of Beast"… FOR 20 minutes…I started dripping and I finished swimming for 15 minutes to relax my body. Tomorrow is another day… 😭😟😭😟😭😤😤😤😤🥶🥶🥶🥶🥵🥵🥵😡😡😡😡🤕🤕🤕🤢🤢🤢🤢
    IAM so hard on myself… I should be proud for trying it and this is only the beginning of trying again tomorrow… TEARS… I will never ever be over my weight again… EVER!!! Sighs… I am so heartbroken. 💔🤢🥵😩😰😭 IAM 5.5 and 205lbs.

  4. 2:05 – when you are fat the last thing you should do is jumping, especially on one foot. Avoid jumping if you don't want a joint injury. Your knees are already overloaded
    2:58 – you really want to send some fat people to a hospital for knees operation?
    So this video is for people with some little fat only if you are really fat like >40% then don't even watch this video.

  5. So im watching this video (nice btw) and the guy gets to the point so show the so called "burpee"? exercise ..The moment i see it i burst out laughing – not because of the video or the guy all is ok but the so called burpee? Were i come from we call it the "Paratroopers jumping jacks" ,it's a move all guys in Special Forces do when they decide to train and trust me it works..I laughed cuz it reminded me my army days in S.F.. crazy times…
     Again Nice video btw ty vm!

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