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  1. I was thinking to go make junk food..(even tho I’m not hungry) Then I thought about my weight.. Watched this video.. Spent the time I had to make junk and eating it reading all the comments.. nice way LOL

  2. I really struggle with eating junk food. I know so many people here say they eat a lot but most people I know in person say they eat a lot but then when I compare it to myself it’s not so much compared to mine. I actually feel powerless, I was addicted to alcohol and heroin for 12 years and this just feels like replacing one for the other. It’s just different because heroin lands you in jail but eating 4 double cheeseburgers from McDonald’s, 6 kitkats and two tubs of Ben n Jerry’s doesn’t really get you into trouble as such. I just wish there was something I could do, I go to the gym when it’s summertime and I lose all the weight and get into shape but then when the winter starts to come in I get lazy and begin to eat calorie surplus every single day by quite a large number. Stuck in a dark hole and can’t get out

  3. I’m trying to do the egg diet rn my mom doesn’t know because she would kill me if she knew I was doing that I ate breakfast fine but then she made lunch for everybody and went upstairs I was supposed to have eggs for lunch but I couldn’t help my self and legit shoveled the food into my mouth like an animal

  4. 10 likes = No sugar for a week
    30 likes = No sugar or chips for a week
    40 likes = No junk food sugar or chips for a week
    70 likes = No sugar for a month
    90 likes = No sugar or chips for a month
    1000 likes = No junk food sugar or chips for a month

    6000 likes = No junk food sugar or chips for half a year!

    All this is real im actually gonna do it😀
    I guess likes inspiers me

  5. I feel i eat junk food because when bad things happen or im really overstressed i just grab something easy cheap and it makes me happy after eating junk and the problems seem to melt away i know im supposed to eat better and find some things more positive to do its just that when it doesnt work so i seem to turn to it………sigh😞😔


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