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  1. wow thanks! I would of never thought of coconut oil ! I use coconut oil ALL THE TIME for my hair !! didn't know it can help use the bathroom and lose weight ! I have a huge jar of Coconut Oil. I'll be using teaspoon a day from now on ! 💖❤️

  2. I have a quick question. I make my protein shakes with unsweetened coconut milk (since the other milks have questionable effects on hypothyroidism). Can I still add the oil or will it be too much saturated fat or whatnot? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me! Love your videos, btw! Your positive attitude and ability to break things down into simple terms, steps, examples, etc. are so incredibly refreshing and very helpful! Thanks for all that you do! Inspiring people to get fit and healthy mentally and physically is definitely your calling. 🙂

  3. Sam, I drink black coffee with honey, twice to thrice a day. Can I have coconut oil that many times with it? Or any other way? Anything different upsets my stomach. Can I still have it more than once.Please help.

  4. I realize coconut oil when applied on my face as facial wash it makes me break out almost immediately (just few minutes afterwards) so I am really not keen on having it go inside of me, it might be more detrimental than helpful to my health generally.

  5. What kind of coconut oil do you recommend buying to use as a spoonful in tea each morning? Can I add lemons to it as well or would that taste awful (if you've tried it that is) I sometimes have hot lemon water to start my day as don't drink coffee anymore.

  6. Oily skin types and acne prone skin beware!!!!! Due to the types of oil in coconut oil, this will clog your pores. It's heavy stuff. Try grapeseed oil or any other thinner oil that will not clog pores.

  7. I've recently discovered the amazing benefits of coconut oil [ Check Details Here >>> ]. This is such a versatile substance. It's good for so many things! It gives an excellent presentation of how to purchase and use coconut oil. Her book is full of great tips and instructions. This book is great for a beginner or a pro.

  8. i love sweet, REALLY SWEET, coffees and i drink coffee everyday..
    sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. i can't go without it, i can give up anything but just not coffee. having it black isn't even an option. can anyone tell me what is the best/ healthy alternative to coffee

  9. Actually my mom is a doctor and she tells me there is a huuuge mistake with coconut oil that health people are sharing. It's actually super high in saturated fat, and it's really oily. It's not any better for you than regular butter. It's just not a good food! I don't recommend coconut oil for weight loss!

  10. does it work when it's all melted or what kind of cocoa oil should I get.. and thank you so much I love your videos to help me a lot respire me I wake up every morning and then I watch your videos to help me get through my days thank you for your videos for sharing them

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