Printable upper body and abs workout at home @ 4 Week Abs Program – Burn fat, build lean muscle, tone up allover, with extra emphasis …



  1. I lost about 60 lbs after being diagnostic with multi melanoma (aka bone cancer) about 1 year ago. It was good to drop the extra weight I was carrying around, the weight I lost was mostly mussel. Its time to fix the mussel loss and get back some strength. I am so out of shape I was feeling the burn after watching you for 5 min! Thanks.

  2. I know this video is a few years old but this one was perfect today, I'm a couple of weeks into a broken leg and was itching to exercise, this one was perfect for upper body and abs to get me feeling good again. I altered a couple of the moves but otherwise was able to complete this workout as instructed! I have been doing Fitness Blender workout's for years and LOVE them!! Thank you!

  3. This is the work out I was doing a year ago but I wasn't consistent and I'm not working out now. I will try to do this again starting this new year and promise to be consistent. This is my favorite workout because I've done some other videos here in youtube but this is the only one that makes me hyped and I can really see the effects of it in my physical and also mental state.

  4. i've been doing this video for so long now and just think it's a great, very thorough upper body routine. i have 'graduated' to using weights with each of the exercises just to be pushed a little more but still think without weights its worth it!

  5. That absolutely killed me. Thanks for this workout, I feel the burns! Would be nice if you could have some background music with your workouts to fill the silence. Definitely doing more of these!

  6. Just completed this workout while fasting. I'm going to wait a couple of hours before I consume my meal. I'll update on how sore I'll be tomorrow. Btw Kelly that one palm workout (forgot the name) isn't easy especially for someone who has carpal tunnel 😂. Nonetheless, thank you for the great workout!

  7. I love these work out with her and I really enjoy the lay out of 30 secs work 10 secs active break. I guess my only concern is my wrists always hurt no matter how much I work out. Any suggestions?

  8. If it wasn't for fitness blender I wouldn't be working out at all. For people like me who don't like gyms and public places these in your home workout videos are a life saver. Keep up the good work guys!!!

  9. I really like this workout because I feel in some workouts the harder exercises are literally impossible for a normal person but even when I was was really hard I still felt like I was capable of doing it

  10. Hi Kelly. We love your workout. We've been following religiously since the Corona virus lock down. And we will continue after. Thank you Thank you. We even mimick when you say 'that burns'… Thanks again and keep up the good work : )

  11. Fitness Blenders is just great! Only recently discovered them but I have done a few of their workouts so far and they really make you work! Big thanks to the guys and in particularly Kelly for this video!


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