Happy New Year to all my lovely viewers! I hope it was a great one! And now it’s time to get back into shape and a perfect time to work on those Ab muscles!



  1. It's not possible to just burn belly fat. The average fat ratio determines how much fat your belly has. There are some genetic factors which distribute the fat over the body regions but this is just a sidenote. Keep in mind that you can burn fat best with cardio exercises. The right nutrition is also very important.

  2. I have more in my upper stomach area then my lower stomach. My cousin also has that but it looks normal cause he filled it in with more lower fat. But mine looks weird😫will the exercise help? I don't know if it's fat or something please help

  3. I love this video because I've been having this problem where I use my back to do ab exercises and I end up having back pain instead of sore abs. This video has helped me with that problem, and I'm being able to slowly activate my abs. Thank you!

  4. Hey what diet works best for you? Also, do you often find that stress makes your ab area bloated? Not necessarily belly fat but like bloating. Cause that's been happening to me and I dunno how to get rid of it. It's not often I see someone with my body type that kinda looks like how I would look if I lost weight but you seem to have done it and have managed to look how I want my body to look. I can see that you're built similar to me and when you follow someone's routine it's important to pick someone who's body is similar to yours because different things work for different people

  5. so can these help with upper belly fat? i havent seen anyone with the same problem as me, i have little pouches of fat right under my breasts, on each rib is a layer of fat that i cant seem to get rid of. Can these help?

  6. Its still astonish me just how a lot of people have no idea about Custokebon Secrets even though a lot of people with it. Thanks to my personal mate who told me about it. I have lost crazy amounts of fat.


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