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  1. Respected mam,
    I like your video training for weight loss & helping others from body pain for beginners. I like your attitude . And another thing I would like to ask you is , " Per day how many times & minutes, I should work out for every single yoga asana's " . For example for every single yoga asana's I should work out once or twice per day for 1 or 2 min's or in seconds. Please tell me.
    Thanking you,
    Regards from,
    Parikshith Akhil R

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  3. OK, first time down. I probably did at least 98% of it wrong but tomorrow I might only do 97% of it wrong…
    One day I'll get it all right. One day.


    OMG yesterday i was nowhere near doing the 13:34 pose today I frickin' aced that one! Booyeah baby!! I must of done at least 20% of it right only on day two!

  4. This was the first yoga workout video I ever tried back in August, and I am oh so thankful for it. It helped me discover PsycheTruth and actually enjoy working out. Doing the routine in this video about five times a week really helped transform my stomach into being way flatter. I struggled with several of the poses at first, but came to love them and crave more difficult poses. Thank you, Lisa and PsycheTruth!!

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